Adelina Militaru, speech at MPV 2021: “The thought of my older brothers that I didn’t play with makes me be here today”

Speech by Adelina Militaru, President of the Students for Life Association, at the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”:

Thank you all for watching the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”!

I want to tell a story today. It’s my story. I turned 25 yesterday, but that might not have happened. My mother went through a pregnancy crisis, and before she became pregnant with me, she had two abortions. Why? Because at that time she was told that women with negative HR will give birth to children with disabilities. They always urged her to have an abortion, and because she was not supported by those around her, she gave in and had an abortion the first two times.

After the first two abortions, she had nightmares, got sick and went to the doctor for years. Doctors told her she would not be able to give birth to healthy children. At one point when she was ill, a doctor told her she had nothing to help her with and urged her to go to church. He went to church, confessed, and found peace.

A few years later, she became pregnant again with her third child, me, the one who turned 25 yesterday. This time the doctors told him not only that he would give birth to a disabled child, but also that he would die at birth. Everyone around her again urged her to have an abortion, telling her that she would make the biggest mistake if she gave birth to a baby because she would be disabled. She already knew the pain of abortion, both physical and mental, said “No! I will give birth to this baby and I will raise him even if he has a disability. I will give birth to this baby even if we both die at birth, but I will never have an abortion again.

Pressure from others continued, despite my mother’s desire to give birth to me. They told him: “He will have a disability. She’s not going to school. You will not be able to grow it. ” Fortunately, this year I will finish college, I will take my bachelor’s exam. I was born healthy and I want to fight for my life. Thanks to my mother and her faith in God, I can be here today and tell this testimony.

I chose to do this thinking of my brothers whom I had never met, with whom I had not had the opportunity to speak or play, and who died because of a lack of support from others and also because of the pressures my mother was under. In their memory, I chose to say this because no child should ever die again because of a lack of support and because of the pressures that women who are going through a pregnancy crisis are subjected to. These women need support, not indifference and condemnation.

I urge you all to open your hearts to the women who are going through such a crisis, to understand their drama and to be with them. Let us, in memory of our sisters, brothers and relatives who died in abortion, unite for life and help the little ones, who cannot defend themselves, to live. This is my exhortation to the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”: to fight for life!

The March for Life 2021 online “United for Life” was organized by the Students for Life Association and the Romania for Life Association.

The march for life is apolitical and non-denominational and does not advocate a ban on abortion.

Photo: Ștefan Dan

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