Alexandra Nadane, speech at MPV 2021: “It is the call of our generation to put the light of life in a place of honor, to restore hope for the future of women in pregnancy and their unborn children”

Speech by Alexandra Nadane, President of the Romania for Life Association, at the 2021 March for Life “United for Life”:

Welcome to the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”! Thank you to everyone who is alive, to those who are helping the pro-life message to move forward.

I will say, without reservation, that the theme of this year’s March for Life and the Moon for Life was inspired by the theme of the Washington March for Life. “Together Strong: Life Unites” was the theme of the Washington March for Life, which also took place mostly online.

But the concept was no stranger to us. We did not choose out of mimicry, not even out of solidarity – and international pro-life solidarity is important, but not enough – but we chose because here in Romania, we found how much we need not only to support women in crisis. task, but also to be united when we do this.

And the explanation is not just that “where there are many power increases” – it is true that more people can do much more for a woman in pregnancy than one person.

And here I would quote the great Grigore Vieru, who sang for a long time and sensitive the unity of Romanians and motherhood. He said that it is not enough for one man to be brave, in a people, in a community.

It often takes a brave woman, a brave man, a brave friend, a brave family member, a brave doctor, a brave priest – everyone to say “I support you with this ” – everyone to support with that concrete thing he can bring to his mother in crisis.

But it is not only for the moment of the pregnancy crisis that we need to be united in support.

Let us consider the case where the woman received enough support to make her strong, not to stop at the abortion option, but to go further and reach the birth of the child.

Will she have a micro-community to support her? There will be a group of people to recognize in the newborn child, whose life was to be lost a few months ago – to recognize in him a great gift from God, a great but not only for the mother, but for the whole world ? For the mother and the child will still need a brave woman, a brave man, a brave friend, a brave family member, a brave doctor, a brave priest – let each one say “I support you with this. ” .

Who will they be? Will anyone other than you participate in this online life march because you care about the lives of unborn children and the well-being of their mothers? Or other people with a big heart and who have a clear understanding of what a pregnancy crisis means?

Well, we must have the courage to say that the answer is: it will not be others, but we who have understood these things must do something – something more, something commensurate with the gift of understanding things that seem so difficult. understandable to others.

This week, at the Conference of Centers Supporting Pregnant Women, I learned of three centers set up by Romanian women in the United States – all three went through the trauma of abortion and, seeing for themselves what this really meant, and- they then dedicated their lives to supporting other women to have other options, to have more complete understandings than they had, and to be able to avoid the dramas they experienced.

Do they make less money than if they were in similar positions in other companies? Definitely yes. Do you regret a career in another field? No, otherwise it wouldn’t be here.

The joy of a gynecologist when a child sees the light of day through his hands has, in another form, those who dedicate their lives to supporting women in pregnancy crisis.

The joy that teachers have when they see the fruits of their efforts to train students is also enjoyed by those who take part in one of life’s hardest exams – the pregnancy crisis.

The joy of parents who hold their child in their arms is also shared by those who give hope in the most difficult moments of the pregnancy crisis.

That is why our appeal is to all who want to do something in support of life.

The light of the life of unborn children is great, but the workers are few. The turmoil of women in pregnancy crisis is many and, above all, far exceeds the imagination of those who believe that a pregnancy crisis is a trifle.

The goodness of support is a call that, if not fulfilled, societies collapse into inhumanity, hypocrisy, indifference of soul – lack of love in a word.

Have the courage to devote some of your free time, some of your strengths, some of your adolescence, some of your youth, or some of your old age to support women in pregnancy and their unborn children!

You have the courage to choose to study to support.

A culture of life, a society of life needs every human being, every talent we have been endowed with. It is difficult, yes, I admit, but it is the call of our generation, to put the light of life in a place of honor, to restore hope for the future of women in pregnancy and their unborn children! Let’s be united for the better!

The March for Life 2021 online “United for Life” was organized by the Students for Life Association and the Romania for Life Association.

The march for life is apolitical and non-denominational and does not advocate a ban on abortion.