Charlotte Pence, discurs la MPV 2021: „Trebuie să spunem adevărul despre efectul avortului asupra femeii și să fim alături de ea”

Speech by Charlotte Pence, daughter of former US Vice President Mike Pence, at the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”:

Hi all! I’m Charlotte Pence Bond and I’m the daughter of former Vice President Mike Pence.

I am very honored and excited to be with you, even from afar and through this online format. But it is very good for people to gather and encourage each other, even from a distance.

The pandemic made last year difficult. We’ve all been through a time when we had a deep sense of loss – it’s a familiar reality to anyone.

Understanding this, let us gather today to continue to talk about life and to carry the pro-life message instead of the culture of abortion, which has invaded our world and caused us much pain.

I know that many of you have a personal relationship with the tragedy of abortion and that you know that it can affect many aspects of your life.

I hope that such events will encourage you, as will my message.

You are not alone, there are so many with you – from all over the world!

Abortion is trauma. The pro-abortion society we live in is trying to convince women that it is not.

We find it in books, in movies, all over the world. That is why it is important to speak out against the culture of abortion, to add another perspective, a different narrative, that many want to hear: to remind people that abortion is a traumatic experience and that it actually hurts women.

We need to tell the truth about the effect of abortion on women and be with them to show them that there is a better way.

Today’s society celebrates abortion and deprives women of the opportunity to share their negative experiences and find ways to heal.

But often organizations that reveal the truth about the broken hearts of women who have an abortion show women that there are alternatives – and this is very important.

Each of you joins the effort to tell the truth about abortion and to be with those who really need our help.

My father, former Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, has always shown me how important it is to protect the rights of unborn children.

When I think of the pro-life message, a moment comes to mind from the 2016 campaign, after my father was elected to be Trump’s teammate and run for vice president.

I helped him to present his arguments for the debate between the candidates for the vice-president of the USA. And I helped him prepare for the debate.

When you are preparing for a debate at such a level, you organize several sessions, in which you behave as if you were there.

He did all these things and learned to answer questions. One of the hardest questions would be the question about abortion: Why are you pro-life? Shouldn’t the woman have the right to choose? It is her body and her choice.

You may be familiar with the arguments, but I wanted my father to practice the answers. So I recapitulated the answers to this type of question.

At first, his answers were more based on facts, on statistics. I knew he cared a lot about people. He has a lot of compassion for people in various situations and I knew that his reasoning was not based on prejudice.

Her motivation comes from love for the child, for the mother and for the communities affected by abortion.

I remember that as I practiced the answers, I reminded her to speak from the heart: “Speak with your heart when you answer these questions!”

And when she entered the real debate, she quoted from a speech by Mother Teresa at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast. She then called abortion the greatest destroyer of peace, because it is a war against the child, a murder. of an innocent child.

Dad offered a strong argument: a society is judged as it is with its most vulnerable members – the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, and unborn children.

I think when he spoke with such kindness and understanding, he did it in a way that can change hearts.

And you have this power. So do not forget to always have a message of compassion, but also a testimony of the truth.

It is necessary to speak for those who cannot express themselves, because unborn children cannot speak for themselves. But let’s do it kindly.

It is very encouraging for me to know that there are people like you all over the world who do this every day. Remember that what you do is important.

Maybe you only have one voice, but it sounds very, very loud and adds to all the other voices.

I know that sometimes you feel lonely, but I hope that events like the March for Life remind you that there are so many people who support you and who are also fighting for the rights of unborn children with you!

I applaud you and I am very proud to be part of this movement with you, those of you who are working to make sure that abortion is no longer celebrated in our society and world.

Thank you very much!

The March for Life 2021 online “United for Life” was organized by the Students for Life Association and the Romania for Life Association.

The march for life is apolitical and non-denominational and does not advocate a ban on abortion.