Nadejda Usatii, Moldova Association for Life: “Love unites people, holds them together”

Speech by Nadajdei Usatii, President of the Moldova Association for Life, at the March for Life 2021 “United for Life”:


Congratulations and thank you very much for this opportunity to be here today, together, at the March for Life Bucharest, united for life, united for pregnant women, united for born and unborn children, and it is natural to wish that smile and let the light in the eyes of every child come to the delight of those around him. We too were once small, languid in our mothers’ wombs, and she, our mother, loved us and protected our lives.

Life is about love. It is the miracle of great love. It is the love of God the Creator who has molded us into a great and beautiful garden. From the very beginning, this Creator puts gifts and charisms into every child’s life and sends them to earth to travel. She hides it in her mother’s warm womb, under the altar of her heart, so that the woman enters the living order of the Creator.

And my personal life story begins with God’s call to this journey on the road of life. On September 16, 1987, my mother was going to go to the doctor to “get rid” of the fruit of my womb, that is, me, but in the morning she found out that Grandma Parascheva had died and that she had to go to her native village with her father and two. brethren. They stayed there for a few weeks. For nine months I listened to the greatest symphony in the world: my mother’s heart.

I would make an analogy with the story of St. Elizabeth, the mother of the Prophet John the Baptist, when she saw the soldiers coming, the saint took John in her arms and ran with him to a rocky and deserted place. When she saw that the soldiers were following her, Saint Elizabeth shouted to the mountain: “Mount of God, receive a mother with her baby!” And the rock split, hiding the mother and baby inside.

September 16, the day I should have died, is the day my life was saved. It was a mysterious work of God, it “corresponded” with nature and blessed me with the precious gift of life. I was brought to light in the spring of the following year, I received the name Nadezhda, in honor of another grandmother, a name that means hope.

Hopefully, with hope, we set out on this path of serving life. In December 2020, together with my colleagues from the Moldova Association for Life, I set up a Counseling and Support Center for Pregnant Mothers and the “Saint Elizabeth” Family in Chisinau.

Let us have the courage to multiply the good, to embrace every life that flickers and wants to see the light of day, to know its potential, to develop it, to fulfill it and so will our ancestors, contemporaries and descendants!

Love unites people, holds them together. That way the country can flourish!

Thank you and I wholeheartedly want to be united for life!

In this series of ideas, we gladly invite you to participate online on Sunday, March 28, at 16:00, in the March for Life Chisinau online. LIVE broadcast on the Facebook page: The March for Life Chisinau.

Together we can build a culture of life and a garden of love!

The March for Life 2021 online “United for Life” was organized by the Students for Life Association and the Romania for Life Association.

The march for life is apolitical and non-denominational and does not advocate a ban on abortion.