March for life 2021: tens of thousands of Romanians in the country and the diaspora have united their hearts for life

     On Saturday, March 27, 2021, the March for Life 2021 “United for Life” took place online. The event reached its 11th national edition and was organized by the Romania for Life Association and the Students for Life Association.

     The special guest of this year’s edition was Charlotte Pence, the daughter of former US Vice President Mike Pence, a leading voice of the pro-life movement in the US and a role model for pro-life youth. In a video message to participants, Charlotte Pence said:

     “Abortion is a trauma. The pro-abortion society we live in is trying to convince women that it is not.

     We find it in books, in movies, all over the world. That is why it is important to speak out against the culture of abortion, to add another perspective, a different narrative, that many want to hear: to remind people that abortion is a traumatic experience and that it actually hurts women.

     We need to tell the truth about the effect of abortion on women and be with them to show them that there is a better way. Today’s society celebrates abortion and deprives women of the opportunity to share their negative experiences and find ways to heal. But often organizations that reveal the truth about the broken hearts of women who have an abortion show women that there are alternatives – and this is very important. Each of you joins the effort to tell the truth about abortion and to be with those who really need our help. ”

     Alexandra Nadane, president of the Romania for Life Association, encouraged participants to take the time to support women in pregnancy:

     “There is a lot of light in the lives of unborn children, but there are few workers. The turmoil of women in pregnancy crisis is many and, above all, far exceeds the imagination of those who believe that a pregnancy crisis is a trifle.

     The goodness of support is a call that, if not fulfilled, societies collapse into inhumanity, hypocrisy, indifference of soul – lack of love in a word. […] A culture of life, a society of life needs every human being, every talent with which we have been endowed. It is difficult, yes, I admit, but it is the call of our generation, to put the light of life in a place of honor, to restore hope for the future of women in pregnancy and their unborn children! Let’s be united for the better! ”

     Pro-life involvement stems from the experiences of women who went through a pregnancy crisis and the testimonies of those who survived abortion. Adelina Militaru, president of the Students for Life Association, spoke with great courage about how her mother chose to give birth to her while facing very strong pressure from those around her:

     “After a few years, she became pregnant again with her third child, that is, me, the one who turned 25 yesterday. This time the doctors told him not only that he would give birth to a disabled child, but also that he would die at birth. Everyone around her again urged her to have an abortion, telling her that she would make the biggest mistake if she gave birth to a baby because she would be disabled. She already knew the pain of abortion, both physical and mental, said “No! I will give birth to this baby and I will raise him even if he has a disability. I will give birth to this baby even if we both die at the time of birth, but I will never have an abortion again. “

     Lavinia Stan, life coach and mother of 6 children, talked about the pregnancy crisis she experienced when she became pregnant with her first child:

     “I became pregnant very quickly, at which point we had a negative energy attack on us and our relationship, which was fragile because it was in its infancy, which I have never felt in my life since. So many voices came from my husband’s family telling us that this is not the time, that my husband’s career is being ruined. […] One voice had the courage to tell you, to defeat all the saboteurs who were against our child’s life. Thank God it existed! She was my mother. “

     Gabriela Iliescu was urged to have an abortion after suffering a stroke while pregnant with Alexia. The gynecologist’s advice and her husband’s support saved them both:

     “I was hospitalized in an emergency and soon the problem of abortion was raised in order to save my life. At that time, my husband had a presence of mind and asked the neurologist to seek the advice of a gynecologist. He then came to the living room, to my bed, and advised us, “Let God work,” saying that he did not think it would be an abortion. I confess that I was very confused then, I had just been hospitalized and I still had severe headaches. But my husband was very lucid and very firm. “

     Iustina Irimia Cenușă, artist and mother of an adopted girl spoke about the blessing that adoption brings in the life of a family: “Adoption was a thought of mine since adolescence, when I met a case that deeply hurt me. I told myself then that at some point in my life, I would like to take this step. During my friendship with my husband, I spoke openly about this aspect and I was glad to see that we resonate from this point of view as well. We really wanted to take this step in our family life at some point. ”

     The theme of this year’s March for Life “United for Life” is a call addressed to Romanians in the country and in the diaspora. Everyone can and must do something to support life, to help pregnant women get rid of fears and problems so that they can fully enjoy the birth of their children. Tens of thousands of Romanians from the country, from the Republic of Moldova and from the countries in the first places in the diaspora ranking responded to the invitation: Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Austria. They were joined by Romanians from the other continents of the world, who were at home for a few hours, united for life.

     Nadezhda Usatii, President of the Moldova Association for Life, urged participants to remain united in support of life: develop, to be fulfilled and so will our ancestors, contemporaries and descendants! Love unites people, holds them together. That way the country can flourish! ”

     Every year, a large percentage of the participants in the March for Life are young people and teenagers, so their presence could not be missing from the program. Several young people from the Archdiocese of Targoviste spoke in a video about the reasons for participating in the March for Life 2021. The teenagers also organized a “Pro-Life Leapsa”, which circulated online during March.

     The “Live for life” concert took place during the March for Life, supported by Iustina-Irimia Cenușă, Ioana Picoș and Maria Coman.

     The whole event was presented by Cristina Teleanu and was broadcast live by Trinitas TV on the Facebook pages of Trinitas TV, Radio Trinitas, the Basilica News Agency and the March for Life Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Registration is available here .

     On Sunday, March 28, the March for Life 2021 “United for Life” was organized in Iasi by the Pro-Vita Department of the Archdiocese of Iasi. The event was broadcast live on the pages of Doxologia and Pro-Vita Iași. Registration is available here .

     The March for Life in Chisinau, organized by the Moldova Association for Life, also took place on March 28. The event was broadcast live and can be seen on the Chisinau March for Life Facebook page .