One person next to another and one activity next to another we build a spring of life/ “For Life” Magazine no. 12, Spring 2023

I want a pro-life future because I know there is no other way! It is not possible for a society to endure in the long term, let alone thrive for the good of its people, if it does not embrace and cultivate a culture of life. Being pro-life is not mandatory, but the future is only built through life.

A society that does not learn to care for its children cannot have a future, because a society is only as strong and resilient as its ability to care for and protect its most vulnerable members.

A pro-life future means understanding that a human being is human regardless of any personal characteristics and that life is a unique and unrepeatable gift, but that life is vulnerable and needs support. A pro-life future means a future built by a present in which we want and strive for every human life to be cherished and protected, from the first moment of conception to its natural end.

A pro-life future is a future ennobled by wisdom and action. From the past, we have to learn the lesson of the vulnerability of life, especially from the last hundred years, marked by genocide. Today, we have to build effective support mechanisms that are not just social safety nets but are rooted in the love of our neighbour, and this in turn has its ultimate root in the image of God in man and in the cooperation with God.

The pro-life future must be actively built, only then will it exist. There is a proverb that says that a flower does not bring spring, but man by man and activity by activity we build a spring of life! It is the hope of the desired future.

Life is protected in unity

The March for Life is a unique opportunity for unity among people. We each come from our professional area, our age area, some young, some old, some alone, some with families, and we come together. It’s a joy to see like-minded people and to work with them.
This unity is not just between those present, but you feel that you are together with people everywhere – the March for Life is organised in many countries around the world and the organisers send each other messages of support.
Moreover, there are ancestors who defended life, who defended truth and goodness. There is a unity beyond what we see here.

At the March for Life we show that there are many of us who love life, who value life, who want to protect life in all its stages of development. We are addressing in particular women in crisis of pregnancy and their children, promising them that they will have solutions, support and people to give them these. We encourage them to ask for our help.
The march is a cry: “Hey, we’re here, we want to help you, call us!” It’s wonderful to know that someone is loved and valued without being known, it’s an encouragement to come out of the loneliness given by the crisis.

Let’s go to the March for Life! Let’s build a pro-life future together!

Three messages for life

Every life is a gift, every human is infinitely precious and impossible to replace, every human can be a joy for those around and those around them for them.

Why lose some of us, why be indifferent when suffering and fear lead to loss of life, when there are solutions for mother and child?

It is natural to dedicate ourselves to a work that supports every human being to be treated with dignity and to enjoy life, as we have been given the chance to enjoy life.

Teodora Diana Paul,

President Students for Life Association