READ!/ “For Life” Magazine no. 12, Spring 2023

Children need to understand that when we only care about ourselves, we end up lonely and unhappy. Have they got a toy and want to play with it alone? Have they got a chocolate and want to eat it all by themselves? Yes, they will enjoy it, but any unrequited joy will be extinguished. It’s like holding a lit candle under a glass globe. It only glows for a while.

In the book “The Tit”, children will witness happenings, funny at first, then increasingly dramatic, that will lead to the transformation of the selfish and hateful tit into a true friend.

The little tit learns, and the children along with him, that true happiness lies in communion and that selfishness makes us unhappy because our hearts remain empty.
If we ruled the whole world but had no one to love us, we would have no contentment.

Veronica Iani

“Heart of Gold” is about the call to each one of us to extend a helping hand to those in need, especially the most vulnerable, and to understand that every talent, every skill or knowledge we have is worthwhile when it is put to good use. Children are wonderful because true values such as faith, charity and – above all – love can be built up in their hearts through meaningful stories, and they become adults who, in turn, will offer love and support to those around them.

Dr. Eliza Maria Cloțea

The books “Heart of Gold” and “The Tit” are part of the collection “Good Deeds”.